Rental History Verification Software

Get Landlord References FAST!

Request rental verification online, get a response back within 16 hours

Our landlord reference check automation software contacts your applicant's landlords asking them to provide a rental verification online. Our system also follows up with the landlords four times per day via email and text messages until they respond. This results in 80.4% of landlords responding to our verification of rent requests. Those who respond, do it extremely fast (on average in 16 hours or less).

  • 38.6% respond in less than 1 hour
  • 53.2% respond in less than 4 hours
  • 81.4% respond in less than 24 hours

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How it works

  1. You request rental verification online
  2. Landlord is invited to provide a rental verification online
  3. Landlord answers a few fact-based questions about their tenant
  4. You get a notification when a rental verification is available


Pay $4.99 only if the landlord responds to your rental verification. No signup fees, No cancellation fees

User Testimonials

Patty Manzi - Broker, Owner

The [RenterFile] platform is very user friendly, and most times we get responses right away. Much better than calling landlords, and then faxing forms.

Katie Barker - Broker, Owner

I have been working with Renter File Since January 2, 2020. We have completed over 247 rental verification forms. ProCore was one of the 1st Beta Testers for the Renter File Rental History Verification platform when it was being created. This Program has been a lifesaver...No more do I have to worry about rental verification follow ups waiting at least 48 hours to get forms back from current landlords. Procore Average time to get rental verifications back is 5 hours. Same day! This has been a huge game changer when getting people approved for homes. Please consider using this rental verification Platform. Saves business time and money!!

Andreana Kabasanova - Broker, Owner

I’ve been using RenterFile to request rental verifications since April 2020. I’m very satisfied with their system because I get responses back much faster than I used to before using RenterFile. I simply click on the Request Landlord Reference button, RenterFile does the rest. They send email and text messages to landlords asking them to respond to landlord references via online form, and follow up with Landlords four times per day until the landlord responds. I don’t have to follow up with landlords anymore. I usually get a landlord reference back in 24 hours or less” I would highly recommend RenterFile to other users who want to take the hassle out landlord reference process and get the landlord references back faster.

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