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Our software contacts your applicant's landlords asking them to provide a rental verification online. Our system will also follow up with the landlords four times per day via email and text messages. In addition to that we provide monetary incentives to the landlords for providing rental verifications in a timely manner. All of this, results in landlords responding to rental verifications extremely fast (on average in 24 hours or less).

How it works

  1. You request rental verification online
  2. Landlord is invited to provide a rental verification online
  3. Landlord answers a few fact-based questions about their tenant
  4. You get a notification via email that a rental verification is available


Pay $4.99 only if the landlord responds to your rental verification. No signup fees, No cancellation fees

AppFolio Integration available

If you use AppFolio, you can request rental verifications right inside AppFolio Applications and see the results right inside AppFolio further expediting the process. Learn more about AppFolio Integration

Looking to add rental verification functionality to your software?

We offer an API that you can use to request rental verifications right inside your software and display the report details right inside your software Learn more about RenterFile API