Case Study

Katie Tanner-Barker Owner

Katie Tanner-Barker

Before: Took over 15min per request, needed to follow up, plus took a few days to get a response back.

Now: Takes a minute to request, and a few hours to get a response back, no need to follow up with landlords.


Katie has been using our RenterFile Chrome extension since February 2020 and  has been consistently getting rental verifications returned back just within a few hours as opposed to days because unlike the old way of doing things our system automatically sends out follow up emails and text messages 4 times per day!

  • Requested 43 landlord verifications
  • Got 37(86%) references returned
    • 28 (76%) got returned within 24 hours
    • 25 (68%) got returned the same day
    • 22 (59%) returned in less then 5 hours
    • 6 (16%) got retuned in less then 1 hour

Below is a screenshot from Katie's dashboard showing the latest rental verifications and how fast she got responses back in the last column.

Katie-Barker's Dashboard


Before it took her employee 15 minutes to request a rental history verification from prior landlord which included:

  1. Verify that the landlord is legitimate (5-7 min)
  2. Reach out to landlord via email for verification, attaching consent form (3min)
  3. If no response by next day, follow up via phone call (2-3min)
  4. If did not reach the landlord over the phone, reach out to tenant to verify landlord's contact information is correct (2-5min)
  5. If no response, keep following up again, via email/phone/fax at least 3 times (3-5 min)
    * On average it required at least 2 follow ups to get a reference returned.


Now it takes Katie's employee one minute to request a rental verification right inside AppFolio application, and her employee are focusing on tasks that humans are better at doing. Our system takes over and follows up with her landlords automatically, if there is no response in 24 hours, our team reaches out to the landlord over the phone to see why there is no response yet. Once the landlord reference response is provided by the landlord, it's viable right inside AppFolio application making it easy to organize in one place.

Here is what Katie shared on AppFolio Facebook group about RenterFile

Katie Barker Testimonial about RenterFile